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Mapping My COVID-19 World

Daily life has changed since the spread of COVID-19. We all know that. What does it look like when we translate it into the form of a map?

Inspired by the folks at The Tyee and CityLabs, I thought I’d try my hand at what life is like in downtown Toronto as I attempt to reduce the probability of transmission. Not quite as exciting as pre-COVID-19 life in downtown Toronto. It may seem a little banal but it really provides the groundwork for more reflection.

A mental map of Ehren's life during COVID-19.  A line between Loblaws and Shopper's Drug Mart with Home somewhere in between.
A minimalist look at mapping out a pretty simple life. Groceries at Loblaws or picking up the odd item(s) from Shopper’s Drug mart.

Which makes total sense that if we broke down the fact that I merely spend an hour at Loblaws at most or half an hour at Shopper’s Drug Mart — my weekly time spent from a geographical location perspective would look pretty bland.

Perhaps next time, I will make an attempt to map and visualize how I actually spend my time at home.

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